November 2, 2021

Translation Tool

Translate to your native language. Use your terminology for Human Design properties. Bodygraph Translation Tool allows you to do the following changes:

  • Translate to your native language all bodygraph properties.
  • Customize. Use your vocabulary and copywriting for Human Design properties.
  • Enable/Disable. You can choose what Human Design properties you want to show below the bodygraph.
  • Link chart properties to our product or service page.
  • Create multiple languages and save them.

Human Design Chart Translation Tool

How to integrate your new language into your website?

Open Embed Tool and select your language
Copy and paste the code into your website page, please see screenshot below:

Most Asked Questions

  1. How to create a new language and translate it?
  2. How to link Human Design chart properties to my product page?
  3. How to disable/enable Human Design chart properties?

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