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Part-Time Social Media Assistant

Company overview

At, we’re at the forefront of the Human Design industry. We’re dedicated to helping individuals leverage their Human Design expertise to build thriving businesses. Our mission is to empower and guide others in discovering their life’s purpose while enabling you to achieve financial success. Join us in shaping a future where personal growth and prosperity go hand in hand.

Our Values

These values encapsulate our dedication to results, integrity, responsibility, and transparency, guiding us as we work together to achieve our goals.

Shoot for the Moon

Persistently strive to be the best in the world. Look for new ways to improve and grow.

Always push Forward

We keep trying to do better and go further. Big goals don’t scare us – we’re always ready for a new challenge.

Deliver on Promises

We honor our commitments and respect deadlines, fostering trust through timely actions and reliable outcomes.

Pursue Excellence

We are committed to delivering products of the highest quality, driven by a passion for excellence that permeates every aspect of our work.

Transparent Collaboration

We communicate openly, valuing honesty in all interactions to nurture a culture of trust and teamwork.

Embrace Professionalism

We approach challenges with maturity, embodying professionalism and adult responsibility in all endeavors.

Job Summary

We are on the lookout for a part-time Social Media Assistant with a flair for engaging audiences and managing various social media platforms. If you’re adept at handling Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube, we need you! Your primary role will be to captivate our audience with insightful posts about Bodygraph Chart features and their value. This role requires someone who can not only manage our social media presence but also actively engage with our community, sparking discussions and driving interest in our services.


  1. Manage and update our social media accounts including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube.
  2. Create and post engaging content related to Bodygraph Chart features and their benefits.
  3. Actively engage with our audience across platforms, responding to comments and messages.
  4. Develop strategies to increase our social media presence and audience engagement.
  5. Collaborate with the team to align social media strategies with overall marketing goals.


  1. Proven experience in managing multiple social media platforms.
  2. Strong understanding of different social media dynamics and audience engagement strategies.
  3. Excellent communication skills and ability to create compelling content.
  4. Passion for interaction and community building online.
  5. Ability to work flexibly and adapt to changing priorities.

Work Environment

  • This role is remote, with the necessity for a dedicated home office space and a dependable internet connection.
  • Flexible hours.

Join our team and help us expand our digital footprint while engaging with a community passionate about Bodygraph Charts. If you’re a social media enthusiast looking for a flexible, part-time role, we’d love to hear from you!