Adele Hartland

Emotional Projector 5/2

Hi, I am Adele Hartland, and I am a Conscious Living Empowerment Coach.

I guide individuals and leaders through a process to unleash their full potential, discover their unique strengths and overcome challenges so that they can not only increase efficiency and realize sustained success, but also experience a deep sense of purpose and fulfilment.

As a catalyst for awakening and change, I offer a pathway to envision a new reality and actively create it!

Empowering individuals and organizations to reimagine and reshape their reality, so they can transcend traditional boundaries, embrace innovative solutions, and redefine what is possible.


I do Readings

  • Human Design
  • Group and Individual Programs


  • English

My Education and Career

🌟 I actually started my career in Branding & Marketing in South Africa, then I left for the UK to travel and explore. I then worked like a generator building other peoples businesses, set up a property maintenance business with friends until finally starting my coaching business in the UK in 2018.I now live between the UK and South Africa and I work with companies to develop their leadership, and improve things like engagement and communication as well as focus on wellbeing and resilience.

🌟I work with individuals too so that they can live their life the way they where born to live!

🌟I use a variety of modalities in my coaching:
- Executive Leadership Coach
- Career Transition Coach
- NLP & Positive Psychology
- Heartmath Technology
- DISC, Motivators and EIQ assessments

🌟I studied my Human Design Certification with Chetan Parkyn after buying his Human Design book and I absolutely loved it. I now co-host one of his level 3 training classed with him twice a month.

Unlock Your Potential with Easy-to-Integrate Human Design Coaching

My aim is to make Human Design easy to understand and most importantly to be able to integrate it into your day to day life. I find that some people find a coaching session around a specific topic or challenge an easier way to digest and implement the various aspects. Once you are able to connect to the knowledge I am sharing and see how it plays out in your life, it tends to stick.

I do also provide an intro reading and for those that are happy to deep dive, a foundation and advanced reading. I also have longer programs that support you in the integrating and aligning with your design.

You can find all the details on my website under services, and if you have any questions, then simply book a quick no obligations chat with me.