Britni Wige

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As a Conscious Parenting and Unschooling mom, my journey of self-discovery began after having my daughter in 2013. I didn’t know it then but I was going through my Saturn Return. After overcoming professional burnout, I embraced Quantum Human Design™️ and holistic healing. Learning my Human Design gave me the keys to unlock what’s always been there: my deep passion for change. Once awakening the fire inside, the magic has been neverending. Today, I guide women feeling stuck and eager for change, teaching them to navigate life’s complexities with their Inner Compass. I help them become captains of their journeys, using Human Design, deep meditation, and imaginative storytelling to build and foster environments of love, connection, and profound personal growth.


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My Education and Career

My journey into the transformative world of Human Design began unexpectedly during an Akashic records reading in 2020. At the time, I tucked the knowledge away, focusing instead on expanding my business coaching offers. However, by 2022, the toll of scaling my business had led to massive burnout, prompting me to revisit the Human Design system that had intrigued me years before.
No surprise, I figured out I was leading with my mind, trying to figure things out and force things to happen, instead of following my intuition and surrendering to Divine Timing.

One Sunday morning, while laying in bed enduring an autoimmune flare that had me in the throes of deep pain and anxiety, my intuition came through louder than ever before. There was no denying her this time. She gave me clear as day signs and a message I couldn't ignore. And that was the ending of one chapter and the beginning of another. I sunset all my business coaching offers that day and went full steam ahead into learning how to live my Human Design. My exploration and experiment led me to become a Certified Hypnotherapist in 2023, enriching my understanding of the subconscious mind and its power in personal transformation. This was just the start of what has now become a mission that is so much bigger than anything I have ever done before.

I wanted to know more and to go deeper and I knew I wanted to remain a coach but this time I wanted to use Human Design. I began studying under Karen Curry Parker, a leader in the field and creator of Quantum Human Design™️ and the Quantum Alignment System™️, and by 2024, I had earned certifications as a Quantum Human Design™️ Specialist and Transformational Coach, and a practitioner of the Quantum Alignment System™️ and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), as well as an Advanced StoryLab Facilitator. These qualifications have equipped me to blend intuitive strategies with practical healing techniques, offering a holistic approach to those I serve.

Today, I dedicate myself to guiding women through their own transformations, helping them navigate life's challenges with resilience and clarity. My practice is a sanctuary where women can rediscover their inner strengths and chart a course towards a life aligned with their true desires. I offer not just insights into their unique designs but also support in rewriting life stories that are empowering, fulfilling, and deeply aligned with who they truly are.

I take my clients on a journey, leaving the lands of mediocrity and societal conditioning behind embarking on a quest to rediscover their Inner Compass and gain Inner Resiliency that will help and guide them to unlocking infinite possibilities and aligned potentials while healing past wounds. I help ensure every step forward is grounded in authenticity and profound personal growth as they learn to embody aligned living.

Are you ready to discover the blueprint of your essence, to have a map to your Inner Compass? Imagine peeling back the layers of everyday noise to reveal the core of your true self. Imagine getting the confirmation you have been looking for, the permission slip to be your true self; the person you were before the world told you to be someone else.

What if you could get the answers you have been looking for to questions you have about your current circumstances or actions you want to take but aren't sure how to move forward?

My Human Design Readings are not just about understanding your energetic makeup; they're about awakening to your Inner Compass, and discovering your life purpose.

This is perfect for you if you are ready to:

Step into your Power

Each reading is a deep dive into the unique makeup of energies that define you. You'll learn how to harness your strengths, navigate your weaknesses, and make decisions that resonate deeply with your soul's purpose. It’s more than insight—it’s a step into a new chapter in your life, one filled with deep transformation and opportunities to thrive like you never have before.

Embrace your authentic path

With your personalized Human Design chart in hand, you'll uncover how to flow with life instead of against it. Learn which environments energize you, how to optimize your relationships, and why certain challenges keep reappearing in your life.

Experience profound alignment

My sessions are tailored to guide you toward living a life aligned with your highest self. You’ll leave not just with knowledge, but with practical tools to implement change. Whether you're seeking to enhance your career, enrich your personal relationships, survive the preteen and teen years with your kids, or embark on a spiritual awakening, your Human Design Reading is the compass that guides you home—to yourself.

What you get when you book with me:

My readings are 60-90 minute private sessions that are recorded and transcripted for you to watch and refer back to whenever you need to.

You get a guidebook and clear steps to take based on questions or parts of your life you would like clarity on or resolution to.

We end the session with EFT to help you move the energy, anchor the awareness, and plant the seeds for greater transformation.