Jennifer Cordes

Splenic Generator, 3/5

Human Design has changed my life, and I love to share it with others.
As a Quad Right, it’s helped me relax into the flow and trust my body to guide me.
I want to help people see the beauty of their design, learn to live truly as themselves, and fall in love with life.


I do Readings

  • Human Design
  • Tarot


  • English

My Education and Career

I've trained with Jenna Zoe and studied professionally at IHDS. I was also blessed with private mentorship by a gifted teacher. I specialize in advanced mechanics: PHS and Variable, design resonance mapping, biology/health, not-self mind mapping, and the dynamic interactions that occur with the transits and other people in our lives. As a Mountains person, I've been learning all my life. I hold degrees in psychology and metaphysics. Read more


Everything comes down to Type, Strategy, and Authority. A foundational understanding of your chart is essential to letting your energy operate as it’s meant to. Depending on how deep you want to go, multiple sessions may be helpful to fully understand: what energies are consistent for you, which strengths you broadcast in your energetic billboard, how you process the world around you, and where you’re prone to assuming you need someone else to feel complete. Read more


Combining keynotes from a traditional astrological reading can be a fantastic way to better understand our psychological urges and how they manifest in our designs. While Ra would argue they do not apply to the prenatal/unconscious design, they are a perfect enhancement to better understanding how our minds operate. Read more


Learning how to navigate relationships can be challenging. We often attract people based on the conditioning we received as children. When two people come together (whether romantic or familial or as friends), something unique is created. That experience can be a lightning rod for dealing with our issues. A Relationship Reading helps to enhance understanding and acceptance and de-mystify the challenges that you may be experiencing. Read more


Outside of a specific Partnership Analysis, a Heart Truth session shows how you’re designed to experience intimacy, what you’re prone to love/hate about the other, and how you express caring. These are areas where you’re especially vulnerable when in connection. You’ll also see where others may have expectations of you that you’re not interested in fulfilling. Very often, our love languages are very different from our partner’s. Better understanding yourself helps you to enter into relationships with awareness and acceptance. Read more

Business & Leadership

The way we behave in groups can be very different than when we are alone or in a 1:1 interaction. For some, it’s an uplifting experience and they’re easily recognized for their talents. For others, it’s draining and confusing. Whether you’re looking to learn more about how your energy functions in teams, or to enhance your leadership, a Vocation Analysis helps to identify your innate gifts for succeeding on the material plane. Read more

PHS/Rave Biology

We are born with a specific template for our biology that operates underneath the standard chart interpretation. This is intricately connected to our PHS. A deep-dive in this area can be an illuminating experience for those who want to better understand how their body guides them in eating and digesting. Read more

Not-self Mind Mapping

The way our minds deal with openness is layered and complex. This isn’t just an open center on your chart, it’s every gate that you don’t have. The mind creates a web of rationales and strategies so that it can maintain control. Even with de-conditioning, the not-self mind is always at work. But, when you can identify it, you take away its power and give yourself space to listen to your inner guidance. Read more

Design Resonance Mapping

I adore focusing on the substructure. Color drives everything in the chart and brings a subtle nuance to a complex portrait. Best done in two sessions, we focus on design and personality separately so that you can understand the interactions of each planet in your chart: how consistently they operate for you (some planets are always on, others require stabilities) and the patterns that underpin them. You’ll be able to see how they manifest on the surface in Gate and Line. Together, they give you a benchmark so that you learn not to force an energetic expression, and instead, learn to trust life to bring you what you need when you need it. Read more