Keli Ramsey

4/6 Emotional Generator

Hello! When I discovered Human Design I was in burnout, going through a big life transition and struggling with health conditions. Human Design provided a mind blowing perspective that gave me the puzzle pieces I was missing in my search for understanding myself and what was taking place and why. I had to know more!

Being in natural health for over 10 years I was used to being a successful solutions provider, until I was diagnosed with Urticaria (chronic hives) with unknown cause & cure and a few other health challenges. Human Design provided me with a way to see how and why I was living out of alignment with my authentic self, my unique way of being, and gave me the tools and validation that I can live the life I was meant to live. It has helped me realize that my burn out, not processing the emotions of my big transition and prior, and not making the best decisions for me has all led me to the pain and my health status. It has helped me to shift my path and moved me to look at alternatives ways to discover the cause of our health conditions. Now I am moving my passion to proactive, versus reactive, healthcare. Best of all, not only am I naturally healing my mind, body and spirit, it is organically improving my relationships. I am living with more peace, joy and I am healthier and happier and I want to help you as well!


I do Readings

  • Human Design


  • English

My Education and Career

  • Mind-Body Integrative Wellness Coach
  • Quantum Alignment System Practitioner
  • Quantum Human Design Specialist
  • Holistic Health Coach
  • Essential Oils Specialist
  • Breath work facilitator
  • Stretching Coach

My Goal as your guide

Healing ancestral, self induced and life inflicted pain and suffering is my mission! I believe that this begins with learning who you are on an energetic level, doing deconditioning work and processing our emotions and how we respond to the world around us correctly. If we don’t, it will show up in physical health and physical health can affect emotional health and both cause dis-ease! It is also reflected in other areas of our lives as well, like work & relationships. My goal with my clients is to first offer a safe place to be seen, heard, loved, valued and supported! This way they can let go of the walls, masks and outdated beliefs that keep them from being themselves. So, do you want help getting back to who you were meant to be, to rediscover your truth and purpose? Let’s connect and get started. I want to help you find more love for yourself and improve your relationships with others. I hope to empower you to take control of what is preventing you from living the life you want with ease, peace and joy.