Kimberly Wilson-Lauziere

We’re Kimberly & Hassan Lauziere, the passionate founders of The LEG Up: Education By Design, your gateway to transformative education & personalized coaching services. With over 20 years of experience and backgrounds in physics, mathematics, English, & literature, we’ve dedicated our lives to unlocking the potential within every student & professional we encounter. Recognizing the unique needs of every individual, we’ve integrated Human Design into our coaching services, offering insights into one’s personality, strengths, and decision-making styles. This holistic approach has enabled us to guide students and professionals alike toward more authentic and fulfilling career paths.


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My Education and Career

From completing degrees in English & Writing as well as Physics & Mathematics and co-founding our tutoring and consulting practice to working with prestigious educational companies like Houghton Mifflin and The Princeton Review, we’ve spent over two decades crafting personalized learning experiences. Our expertise spans SAT/ACT prep, AP courses, and beyond, ensuring our students not only achieve high scores but also gain profound, lasting knowledge. With extensive experience in Human Design assessment and decoding charts, we are committed to guiding you, and also your child, on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Our compassionate approach and deep understanding of this powerful system allow us to provide personalized assessments that empower you to live a life of authenticity. Together, we will explore the intricacies of yours and your child’s energetic blueprints, uncover your strengths, and navigate any challenges you may face. We believe that everyone has a purpose and by embracing your unique human design, you can tap into your innate gifts and create a life that resonates with your true essence. We are honored to be part of your journey and excited to support you in manifesting your dreams and living a life aligned with your highest potential. Let’s embark on this transformative path together.

Personalized Human Design Assessments:

Through your Foundational Human Design Assessment, you’ll learn life-changing information about how your unique personal energy engages with the world. You’ll learn about how you can discover the work that best aligns with you, your most effective way for making decisions, and create healthy relationships that honor and accept you for who you truly are. All of the elements on your chart reflect an archetypal energy that can be expressed on the high-range, low-range, and the scale in between. This will give you more control over how you best show up in the world, disrupt old patterns, and live at your highest potential.

Supporting Parenthood through Human Design Consultation:

Welcome to our unique service – Parenthood Consultation using the Human Design System. We are devoted to supporting you on your journey of parenthood, providing insights to better understand your child, and fostering a nurturing environment that aligns with their unique design.

Business Human Design Assessment:

For career professionals, sole proprietors, entrepreneurs, and business owners within any field, your career or business human design assessment will help you understand and maximize your own personal energy and business structure, marketing, and sustainability so that you and your business can thrive together and to prevent burnout.

This Human Design Assessment discusses the dynamics between two charts. This can focus on romantic relationships, parent-child relationships, friends, siblings, and colleagues or co-workers, and better help you understand their compatibility or ways to improve their compatibility, so that each person feels accepted, appreciated, respected, and supported by the other one. We highly recommend this for parents as it can help you to better support your child, no matter their age, in the development of their gifts and strengths. This assessment will also support you, as a parent, to best take care of yourself, reduce stress and anxiety, and feel aligned with your authentic self.

Life Cycle Human Design Assessment:

Each individual usually experiences a maturing point in their life at the following times:

Every year around their birthday:
between ages 28-32
between ages 38-42
between ages 48-52
between ages 58-62

Being conscious of these times can help you optimize them as they help you expand into your higher potential.

1-on-1 Educational Consulting & Customized Tutoring: Over 20 Years of Experience in Providing 1-on-1 Customized Tutoring, Homeschooling. & Microschooling Services in All Levels of K-College Academic Subjects in Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, & Writing as well as standardized test development.

We also provide Expert-Level Tutoring for the following tests:

SAT Tutoring
ACT Tutoring
GRE Tutoring
GMAT Tutoring
LSAT Tutoring

We highly recommend that parents also begin with either:

A 30-minute Basic Foundational Level 1 Human Design Assessment for your child to better understand their energy type, strategy for decision-making, authority, and learning profile. A One-Hour Foundational Level 2 Human Design Assessment to also help you better understand your child’s energy centers, their strengths, and areas in which they may need more targeted parental support.

Human Design Alignment & Spontaneous Transformation Technique Coaching:

This is a 1-on-1 Unique Coaching Modality that has helped thousands of individuals for over two decades to directly address and unwind emotional issues, including stress, anger, grief, fear, overwhelm, and other emotional triggers. A proven, innovative modality that focuses on quickly uprooting and shifting withheld energy and healing your core issues within your subconscious, sometimes within 7-15 minutes, and therefore realigning your natural flow of energy.