Lori Lisai

5/1 Emotional Generator

I’m Lori Lisai, a 5/1 Emotional Generator.
I found Human Design in 2019 while working as a public school teacher.
I loved my work–trying to get a very old system to shift into this new paradigm, but still found myself dreaming bigger than I had allowed myself to do for a long time. Human Design showed me why & offered me the way.

My purpose is in helping clients question their expectations of what life should be. Learning the elements of your HD energetic roadmap can be the most empowering thing you’ve ever done for yourself so you CAN live the way you want to.

Ready to learn about your HD and actually start LIVING IT? Let’s connect for a session!


I do Readings

  • Human Design


  • English

My Education and Career

I have over two decades of teaching and coaching experience that weaves its way into how I approach Human Design sessions. A mix of intuitive sharing, teaching, and coaching, my sessions are designed to help you see things differently, inspire you, and leave you with practical action steps.
1 line has studied HD from a wide variety of sources including HD School, where I have my certification.

Personalized Human Design Reading:

My work is mainly in serving women in midlife (which I define as mid-thirties to mid-sixties), as this period of life is full of so many changes. We are redefining who we are after often living a life focused on others, and Human Design is the perfect tool to guide our path.

I offer single sessions, bundled sessions, or longer-term coaching where we work through the nuances of your Human Design over 3 months.

People usually feel called to HD because of something amiss in life, so I start by asking what you want to focus on and then look at your chart for wisdom to share. From there, we have a conversation as I share what's in your chart.