Luisa Lucia

1/3 Self-Projected Projector

I studied physics in college and specialized in cosmology. My thesis was on the intersection of cosmology and consciousness. Many years later, when I discovered Human Design, I found out I was a Cross of Consciousness!

I received my life coaching certification via the Dharma Coaching Institute and as a 1st line Projector I am SOURCE TRAINED in Human Design. The majority of my study has been through Jovian Archive listening to hours upon hours of Ra’s lectures. Thanks to my background in physics I understand the cosmology and mechanics very well.

Several years after finding Human Design I started incorporating the Gene Keys – which are incredibly powerful as a supplement to Human Design. Richard Rudd is a fellow Cross of Consciousness.


I do Readings

  • Human Design
  • Gene Keys


  • English

My Education and Career

  • Certified Spiritual Life Coach specializing in Human Design & Gene Keys

Specializing in Soul Purpose and Self-Actualization through Human Design and Gene Keys

I specialize in soul purpose and self-actualization through the lens of Human Design and Gene Keys. All of my services are detailed via my website and highly tailored to the individual because that is the nature of differentiation!