Nicole Bonia

2/4 Manifestor

Nicole Bonia is a transformational coach, consultant, and founder dedicated to aligning individuals with their soul mission through human design, astrology, and gene keys. With 12+ years in the corporate world, she understands the demands of high-powered careers and guides her clients toward balanced lives using personal and cosmic energetics.

After a profound awakening, Nicole recognized that operating as aligned and differentiated individuals is crucial to success. She now empowers others to uncover their true selves. Blending Human Design, astrology, and gene keys with meditation, psychological insights, and holistic coaching, Nicole creates impactful experiences. Her approach nurtures inner clarity, desires, and personal sovereignty in all aspects of life.


I do Readings

  • Human Design


  • English

My Education and Career

My expertise is in coaching using the cosmic and esoteric sciences- especially, human Design, astrology, and the gene keys. I have completed hundreds of hours of coursework in the aforementioned disciplines and continue to invest in coaching and deepening my knowledge through additional courses.

Embrace Your Potential: Transformative Human Design Coaching for Life Changes

As a natural role is to initiate and guide, to help you harness your potential and make impactful changes. If you're thinking about working with me, you have arrived at a transformative time. I can support you in recognizing and embracing your innate gifts. My essence and energy draws those who are ready for change. Together, we’ll explore how you can step into your power, leverage authority, and live your truth. Our journey together is about empowerment and embracing the flow of life. We'll navigate this wild, beautiful experience of being human together-unlocking doors and manifesting the life you are meant to lead. My approach is rooted in a deep understanding of self led leadership, allowing me to guide you toward coherence in your inner and outer worlds. Let's affirm together: "I am designed perfectly for my path".

Investing In A Cosmic Integration Session:
Individuals navigating significant life transitions seeking clear, actionable guidance.Beginners to Human Design, looking for an in-depth interpretation of their chart to deeply get to know themselves and how they can use their design to begin to make changes in their lives.Anyone interested in examining specific channels and gates, aiming to better understand their impact on personal dynamics.Professionals and leaders who want to align their business and personal relationships through the lens of Human Design.

What You Can Expect in our Session:
Customized to your desires, our session may focus on detailed elements like your Incarnation Cross or offer a broad perspective of your chart’s influence across all areas of your life. I’m here to help you navigate through the complexities of your unique design with empathy and expertise.

Integrating major themes from your chart to offer practical advice for  everyday life applications. Whether you're exploring your design for the first time or seeking deeper insights, our discussion will enhance your understanding and connect seemingly disparate elements.

The reading adapts to your particular interests, whether these relate to professional endeavors, personal relationships, or self-care strategies.

My goal is to provide guidance that resonates with your personal and professional life.Thorough preparation in reviewing your chart and intake form to ensure that our time is efficient and insightful.

Following our session, I provide a personalized Human Design Guidebook, session recording, and suggest further resources to support you in deconditioning your design.Empowering change - these sessions are particularly valuable when you are contemplating life changes or celebrating a milestone. You can move forward on your path with new information and perspectives.

My sessions are particularly valuable during transitions, offering "aha" moments and new perspectives that light your path forward.A coach with extensive training in astrology, human design, and the gene keys systems.

I use my professional experience and personal passion to not only enlighten but also inspire practical, real-world applications.