Poonam Mehta

6/2 Manifesting Generator

I empower women to discover their purpose and build profitable businesses in alignment with their Human Design.

With a wealth of knowledge acquired through advanced human design literature and doing hundreds of readings, I offer a transformative blend of undiluted Human Design wisdom and powerful energy tools.


I do Readings

  • Human Design


  • English

My Education and Career

Poonam Mehta is a Certified Human Design Coach. She has a top 15 ranked blog in Human Design and has studied Human Design in depth with former IHDS and non-IHDS mentors.
Her in-depth knowledge comes from advanced IHDS books that she brings into her work.
She is also a Udemy Bestselling Instructor and a trained psychic and energy healer. Energy work is what she uses to navigate the lows of human design and to expand the energetic template to one's infinite version using Chakra work.
What you will get in working with Poonam is undiluted human design and the art of combining this awareness with solid energy tools that will move you toward your expansion

Knowing Your Human Design Is The Difference Between Conscious And Unconscious Living.

Here's What You Can Expect Once You Learn About Your Human Design And Start Embodying It.
Being able to always make the right decisions
Understand what your core wound is and why it is to keep you stuck
The areas that are holding you back
Stop watching time and money on the things not moving the needle
Get tailored recommendations based on the unique strengths and tendencies that make up your design and personality type.

Human Design Mini Reading

Human Design Mini Reading - 20 minute starter/focus reading to ask me your top burning question on your chart

Human Design Primer

Human Design Primer - Personalized 70+ page Human Design Primer PDF Report that includes beginner through advanced human design aspects in your chart. A great reference manual.\

Human Design Foundational Reading

Human Design Foundational Reading - 45-min detailed Human Design reading (live or recorded) that includes a comprehensive interpretation of your chart, including insights into beginnger to advanced aspects as they relate to your life and business.

Human Design Soul Purpose Reading

Human Design Soul Purpose Reading - 60-min detailed Human Design reading that includes your life's theme, your true north, your superpowers, and shadows; How You are designed to monetize your gifts + the best career path for you; Your highest purpose and how you are designed to make money; Includes the HD primer for free.