Sheena Mason-White

2/4 Emotional Manifestor

I’m Sheena an established entrepreneur and coach. I always felt something was missing from my coaching work and then I found Human Design. It’s been a life-changing experience. I work with women entrepreneurs who want to let their beautiful souls out to play.


I do Readings

  • Human Design


  • English

My Education and Career

  • BA in Economics and Marketing 1984
  • The Inner Game School with Timothy Gallwey 1996
  • HD School with Katie Irvine 2023
  • Currently training in Soma Breath
  • Currently training in Jungian Coaching with Creative Mind Life

I have been a coach for most of my working life. I began in Sales Coaching in the 1990's before becoming an Executive Coach in 2003.

My career has been mainly in retailing, IT and FMCG, delivering coaching for companies such as Marks and Spencer, Selfridges, Heinz, Punch Taverns, Novell, Microsoft UK, Smartlogik, HP, Fijitsu and PriceWaterhouse.

Personal Cients

I work with Personal Clients to understand how to decondition using their Human Design. My main area of interest is the Incarnation Cross and how we can use it to become whole. I set my clients on the road to understand their limiting beliefs before exploring ways to live as they were born to be.

Business and Leadership

I work with entrepreneurs and C Level executives wanting to learn how to Be A Client Magnet. I have coaching programmes and an ongoing membership. I work with the basics of Type, Strategy, Authority and Profile initially and then mainly with the Incarnation Cross and clients' Client Attraction Code. This uses both my sales and leadership experience from my earlier career. Clients can expect to learn new ways of working and communicating when they work with me. My practice is expansive and transformational.


I work with personal and entrepreneurial clients to understand how the different types work together and use the Bodygraph Chart Relationship Chart tool to help optimise relationships. I do not work with individuals, only the people involved in the relationship and I set them on the road to working, loving and living together.