Vickie Dickson

2/4 Emotional Manifesting Generator

After 30+ years as an entrepreneur, I’ve had almost every type of business there is.

My passion is helping you to live your purpose, through your business so that you can have the impact you came here to have.

I have a unique way of nailing exactly what’s missing and offering a strategy to get it in place so that your business brings you paying clients on a regular basis.

In Human Design speak, I’m a Quad Right which means that my gifts are for you and not me!


I do Readings

  • Human Design


  • English

My Education and Career

  • My career has included bricks & mortar, home based, direct sales, partnerships, holistic health practice, and online businesses. Manifesting Generator, remember?
  • I studied Human Design with Karen Curry Parker, supplemented by many of Ra's original lectures.
    I'm currently studying BG5.

Business is my love language

Expect to walk away from a session with me ready to take the bull by the horns and get the job done. We'll look at what you're here to say, how you need to say it so that it lands, who you're here to work with, how you do the work you're here to do, and more.

This is a full 90 minutes diving into every aspect of not only your design but also your business and how to marry the two perfectly.

My personal readings focus mostly on purpose and impact.
I work with women who are done letting themselves off the hook, ready to go lady balls to the wall and live full out for the rest of their days.

If that sounds like you, I'm your girl.