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HDCA Co-Founder has become the preferred starting point for hundreds of HD Readers worldwide

Kathy Bochonko

Human Design Analyst and Mentor

Oh, I love that. Sending people to my site for chart readings is much better. Exciting to see my unique BodyGraph shared in discussions. I also love that relationship charts are available!

Megan Stoddard

Master Life Coach + Human Design Expert

It has made it so easy to direct people to a website they know they can trust to pull their charts, and has increased my email list substantially! It's also allowed me to easily provide further information, guidance, and coaching for each lead, because I already have their charts in my hands.

Katharina Cont

HD Reader & Life Coach

I've implemented the bodygraph chart calculator on my website and so many prospective clients use it and love it! Many have given me the feedback, that they regularly turn back to my site just to calculate different charts of their families, friends, and so on.

Jen Graziano

Owner, Random Happiness Inc.

I love having BodyGraph Chart on my site. Visitors have the opportunity to generate their charts and have more of a cohesive experience. It’s helping so many people learn more about their loved ones!


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