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Feature highlights

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    Bodygraph chart integrated

    Direct integration of the Bodygraph Chart ensures easy creation and viewing of HD charts on your site.

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    Page templates ready

    Pre-designed page templates available for services, charts, about section, and more, to make setting up your website quicker.

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    Brand your website

    Personalize your website by adjusting visual elements like colors and fonts, and by adding your own logo.

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    E-commerce experience

    Streamlined online shopping experience specifically designed for Human Design reports.

Customers can store charts in their profiles

Each customer will have their own account where they can save charts for family members and view all their purchased HD reading reports.

A smooth buying experience for customers

All the reports you've created inside the Bodygraph Chart can be sold, offering a genuine e-commerce experience. Customers can purchase multiple reports for family members and even apply discount codes.

Everything you need to begin is right here

Installation is straightforward. All pages come pre-installed, complete with sample content ready for you to personalize. The system will generate a custom domain name for you. All you have to do is procure your own domain, for example, from GoDaddy, and simply connect it.