Build your Human Design business with Intention – Here’s how

There’s a lot of gobbledygook online about what you need to do to grow an online business. Some of the worst advice I’ve heard is: ▶️ Message all of your friends and family to get them behind your business. ▶️ Create at least 3 offers so that you have something to sell right away. (AKA […]

Vickie Dickson

Human Design Business Consultant

There’s a lot of gobbledygook online about what you need to do to grow an online business.
Some of the worst advice I’ve heard is:

▶️ Message all of your friends and family to get them behind your business.
▶️ Create at least 3 offers so that you have something to sell right away. (AKA an offer ladder)
▶️ Post on Social Media at least 3 x a day.
▶️ Hire a coach before you can afford to hire a coach.
▶️ Have all of the things in place (website, email system, social accounts, lead magnet, funnel, etc.)  before you start.

All of that? 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻
That’ll keep you stuck forever.

Here’s the thing:
❎ No matter how pretty your website is, it may not bring clients to you.
❎ No matter how much you pay your coach, it may not turn into dollars in your business.
❎ No matter how many offers you have, you may not sell anything.

Let’s start at the beginning.

What do you need to build a Human Design business online?

1 – Choose your Human Design Niche

You need to know what it is you love to focus on the most. Yes, Human Design is a niche, and you can totally start there.  As you grow your business, you’ll naturally start to gravitate towards a certain type of client with a certain type of problem or issue.  Take note of this as it happens and don’t shy away from it. The more specialized you are, the more desirable you are in the online world

And this takes time.
Give yourself time to marinate in it and experience lots of clients before you decide.
Also, your niche will change and evolve over time. Let it.

Here’s a link to a podcast episode that I recorded about this.

Some things to ponder:

▶️ Who are your favourite clients?
▶️ What are they struggling with?
▶️ What types of solutions do you offer them?

2 – How to gain visibility online

You have to get visible.
There’s no way around this. The person who wins online is the most visible. Period. The end.
There’s no need for that to scare you, because it doesn’t mean that your face has to be everywhere or that you need to be doing live videos every day. Heck! You don’t ever have to do a live video if you don’t want to.

You just need to consistently be somewhere where people can find you so that they know you’re not going anywhere. Your people need to know that they can rely on you to be there for them.
Some of the ways you can do this are:

👉🏻 Choose ONE Social Media platform and commit to posting a thought or something helpful every day.
👉🏻 Use B-roll (B-roll is footage that doesn’t show your face) You could show yourself typing up a Human Design report, cooking dinner, or walking the dog, without really showing yourself! Put some text on the screen that tells someone A BENEFIT of Human Design.

⚠️ WARNING  ⚠️
People don’t need to know Human Design. When we say “Your undefined head is making you question everything and seek out too much information so you’re staying stuck,” THIS is what their face does. 👇🏻

How to write a Social Media post about Human Design

A BENEFIT of Human Design is not a FACT about Human Design.

Try this instead: Put an end to the hamster wheel that is your brain (pain point) by keeping an idea book (habit) so that you can fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow. (BENEFIT)

👉🏻 Post things to your stories about how you’re using your Human Design each day.
👉🏻 Post client stories or wins (while maintaining confidentiality) to your stories and feed.
👉🏻 Create polls and/or give people the opportunity to ask you questions.
👉🏻 Guest on a podcast. (There are Facebook groups with the sole purpose of bringing guests and hosts together)
👉🏻 Do a guest post for a blog.

👉🏻 Do an IG live interview with someone who’s audience matches your ideal client.
👉🏻 Connect within the Bodygraph Chart community. Never underestimate the value of connection in growing your business.

3 – Grow your audience like it’s the only thing that matters

How to grow your audience? I’m so glad you asked.

👉🏻 You need an easy way for people to opt in to follow you.  You don’t need a big, expensive email system.  Most providers offer free accounts up to a certain number of subscribers or emails sent.  Convertkit and Mailchimp are a couple that come to mind.
Sign up for a free account so that you have a way to collect emails.  This is one of the most important assets in your online business!!!

Choose the system that is easiest for you to use and that makes the most sense for your brain.  This will save you tech headaches in the long run.  Ask me how I know this. 🥴

👉🏻 You need a super simple, highly desirable, gotta have it lead magnet.
The Bodygraph Chart tool that allows you to run anyone’s Human Design chart is 💰for this!
Downloading a Human Design chart is a benefit to the ‘customer’, it’s easy for them, and it doesn’t require them to jump through hoops to do it.

👆🏻 That’s important.
Because you don’t want something that requires them to do too many things.
You want to make it easy for them to take action.

🔥🔥 Bodygraph Chart 🔥🔥
I know I already said that, but it’s really important!

4 – Set up your online Payment System

For the love of Pete, please have a way for people to pay you money!
The number one mistake I see people in business making is NOT being able to accept payments! It seems like a no brainer but you’d be surprised at how many Human Design practitioners miss this step. Then, someone asks them to do a reading and they’re sitting there wondering if they need to trade camels or bitcoin or ??

Make it easy for people to pay you money.
Not only does it instill confidence in you as a legit business, it’s my belief that it also sends the message to the Universe that you’re ready to receive.

It will take you about 5 minutes to set up a Stripe or a Paypal account. 
Once you’re using the Bodygraph Chart reports that are included in your subscription price, you can even connect your payment system directly (another 5 minute job) so that you can easily accept payments.

Then you’re really in business!

An extra little note for you:
You don’t need to have a bunch of offers to grow your Human Design business online.
In fact, you shouldn’t create ANY offers right out of the gate.

Watch for a webinar on THAT topic soon!
I’ll walk you through how to create offers that make sense for your audience.

For now…

You have what you need to start.

✅ Bodygraph Chart tool embedded on your site to draw people to you.
✅ A strategy to be sure your business has eyeballs on it
✅ An online payment system
✅ The ability to do readings and/or consults until the 🐄🐄🐄’s come home.

That’s enough.
Really it is.

Now it’s up to you!


PS – If you’d love some help to get this all in place, I have news for you!
We’re about to open registration for the first ever Build your Business Bootcamp!!
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