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Leann Wolff

Leann is an International Visioning and Alignment Coach for Entrepreneurs who are ready to take action through alignment to their Human Design.

Leann brings a rich mosaic of expertise to the entrepreneurial world, with 25 years of coaching experience under her belt and a decade of specialization in Human Design. Her unique coaching framework is designed to elevate your business by aligning it with your intrinsic strengths and personal design.

Leann's Commitment:

Your business is more than a pursuit of profit; it’s a journey towards personal freedom and fulfillment. Leann is dedicated to helping you identify and leverage your unique entrepreneurial edge, encouraging you to take only the most aligned actions that resonate with your individuality and drive.


  • BG5/OC16/Profit Potential Consultant - BG5 Business Institute
  • Human Design Analyst *includes partnership, cycles, and transits sessions)-IHDS
  • Family Practice (pending final assignment submission), Child Development- IHDS
  • Holistic Analyst and Differentiation Practitioner (pending Thesis submission) - IHDS
  • Business Coach- Life-Work Resources INC


Watch recordings

  • Webinar with Leann: Navigating the 2027 Earth Energy Shift with Confidence

    In a world where the traditional paths seem to be shifting beneath our feet, it's crucial to find our unique way forward. As the Cross of Planning crumbles in real-time, we invite you to embrace your inner Sleeping Phoenix, ready to rise from the ashes of uncertainty.

  • Webinar with Leann: Manifestation and the 2024 New Year

    Exciting news! Leann is back to host another webinar for us, and this time it’s all about “Manifestation and the 2024 New Year”. Our last session with Leann was a hit, making waves as our most-watched YouTube video.
    We're thrilled she's joining us again!

  • Business Webinar with Leann: Discovering Your Ideal Client

    Join us for an enlightening session with Leann, an esteemed International Visioning and Alignment Coach, known for her expertise in guiding entrepreneurs towards a path of action in harmony with their unique Human Design.