Is Competition Bad for Business?

As a Human Design practitioner, you understand better than anyone else that competition is an illusion. However, as the Human Design space expands, it’s easy to think that you have more competitors than you do.

Vickie Dickson

Human Design Business Consultant

As a Human Design practitioner, you understand better than anyone else that competition is an illusion. However, as the Human Design space expands, it’s easy to think that you have more competitors than you do.

The people you are here to serve, will always find you.

Maybe you’re here to impact a large group of people.
Maybe you’ll influence fewer people on an individual level.
It doesn’t matter how many people you impact.

What matters is the impact you have on these people. They are your fractal.

Leann Wolff, one of our Bodygraph Chart mentors, explains it like this:

“There’s this fracture that takes place, and those that are along this particular fracture is who you’re going to connect with. They can hear you, they want to be in your energy field, they resonate with you, and you’re going to provoke them or not and that’s okay. There’s going to be this little bit of curiosity that takes place. It’s this fracture-line that your people are going to be on. We have this particular fractal of people that we impact and they impact us. It’s all based on sacred geometry and that fracture that took place on the crystal. “

How can you step out of comparisonitis so that you can get unstuck and start serving the people you’re here to serve?

Business Competition Definition

Google defines business competition like this:

“Business competition is the rivalry between organizations or companies that offer the same products or services or have the same target audience as customers. These businesses compete with one another to increase their sales, gain more market share, and retain more customers.”

Removing Business Competition

On a soul level you know that there’s no such thing as competition.

It can be hard sometimes for our heads to catch up to our souls though.

If a client was sitting in front of you, and you were reading her Human Design chart, you’d never, in a million years, tell her she needed to worry about what anyone else was doing.

You wouldn’t tell him to focus on someone else.

You’d show them how to follow their own inner guidance.

You must do that for yourself.

There is no such thing as competition. (Repeat this as many times as you need to)
You don’t have the same products and services as someone else.
You are not competing for the customer.

You are standing so completely in who you are here to be that you draw your perfect fit clients to you (your Human Design fractal) every time.

Can you trust that the Universe is a loving place where each of us gets to fulfill our dharma?

Is the Human Design market saturated?

Recently, I attended an international podcasting conference with over 2000 attendees.
I had my Unjaded – Human Design Podcast sweater on and thought people would be flocking to me to guest on their podcasts.

(We were encouraged to wear swag for this reason)

A total of 5 people that I specifically spoke with knew what Human Design is.
I probably spoke to 200 people over the course of 4 days and only 5 of them had ever heard of Human Design!

The reason you feel like the Human Design market is saturated is because you’re so deeply in it.

You’re surrounded by people who are doing the same thing.
You’re following Human Design accounts en masse on social media.
You are in the Bodygraph Chart community.

You think that the whole world sees what you see.
But they don’t.

In fact, Human Design perspective teaches us that we can be looking at the same thing and see it completely differently than someone else.

Use your Human Design to differentiate yourself in Business

I’m going to give you some homework here.
Looking at your own Human Design chart, grab a piece of bristol board or your favourite notebook.

You’re going to create a feel good map of YOU to refer to over and over again.

Make it fun and clip words out of magazines or google images online to match the words, if you’re crafty.

For every piece of your design, write down (or have a photo to represent it) the highest expression of that energy.

If you’re a Human Design Projector, you may put a photo of a lighthouse, or write the word energetic guide.

If you’re a Human Design Reflector, you may have a photo of yourself looking into a mirror.

If you have Human Design Gate 1 defined, you may have words that represent authenticity, self expression, creativity.

Look to the Gene Keys as well so that you can see the siddhi for each of your Human Design gates.

There are no rules here.

Do this for your Human Design type, strategy, profile, circuitry, channels and gates.

In the end, you want to be looking at a beautiful representation of all of your greatest gifts so that the next time imposter syndrome rears its ugly head, you can look at this artwork that is a representation of YOU and stand in who you are.

Speaking of standing….
Let’s talk about it here.

How to stand out in a crowded market

In the online business space, the key to success is differentiating, just like Ra taught us.
You really don’t need or want to be like anyone else in your field. That was the point of the above exercise. To get you to stop focusing on what everyone else is doing and really grasp how spectacular you are.

As Karen Curry Parker says, you are a one time, cosmic event!

It’s time to stand in the power of that and show up fully in your business.

Some of the ways you can do this are:

 ➡️ Unfollow the Human Design accounts you are following.

 ➡️ Seriously. You can keep a few that you find inspiring but any that cause you to feel this myth of market saturation or that cause you to compare yourself to others have got to go.

 ➡️Follow content creators and business people in other niches who you find inspiring and/or educational. You can always adapt what they are doing with a Human Design spin to grow your own following and business.

Remember these 3 things:

You know enough.
You are enough.
You do enough.

You don’t need to understand every level of Human Design to help someone.

Yes, you need to know what you’re talking about and be able to guide someone to their transformation but you don’t have to hold every certificate ever offered to do this – even if you have the 48-16 channel. 😝

What you need to do is be 1-2 steps ahead of your ideal client.

Who is your ideal client?

One of the things you can start to think about is that your ideal client is you, 5 years ago.

 ➡️ Who were you then?
 ➡️ What did you need to know in order to step into who you are today?
 ➡️ What was missing in your life?

That will give you the seed of an idea of who your own ideal client is.

Of course, there’s more to it than this, but that’s a really good place to start because it gets you out of your own head and out of the tendency to overcomplicate it.

We’ll go into some ideal client exercises here on the blog and in Bodygraph Chart webinars so that you can speak directly to your soul fit client with everything you create in your business.

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