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Quantum Human Design

Are you looking for simple, clear, and easy Human Design software for you or your clients?

I’m Karen Curry Parker, creator of Quantum Human Design and author of The Encyclopedia of Quantum Human Design.

For the last year, we have had our heads down with one of our software partners, creating a new way for you to run clear and easy charts, using our gorgeous graphics and integrating traditional Human Design and the updated high-frequency Quantum Human Design language.

This new chart-generating software makes it simple to give your clients a clean, uncluttered chart without information that distracts them from the power of the information you want to share with them.

The language used in quantum Human Design is scientifically tested to give clients a high-frequency understanding of Human Design.

This language seeds a new story for your clients, making it easier for them to remember who they are and why they’re here.

No more negative labels that feel constricted or limiting. If you’re a Human Design professional or someone who loves and uses Human Design, you need software that supports you in helping people connect with their true selves and the power of the knowledge and wisdom you bring them.

You need clear, concise software that doesn’t overwhelm your clients or cause them to ask questions different from what you want to share during a reading.

Not only does our new quantum Human Design software platform include our graphics and language, but it’s now very mobile-friendly with a beautiful mobile-optimized platform that makes it easy to run charts on the go.

It’s great for expos or if you’re hosting quantum Human Design parties to get new readings.

You can also embed the software on your website, allowing you to attract new clients and leads. The embedded software gives your website a more professional look and feel – no more sending clients somewhere else to run a chart.

Plus, If you don’t already have a website, you can now create a quick and simple e-commerce website within the software.

All you need to do is buy your domain; all the instructions and templates are there to help you get set up super fast.

You can start selling your reports and services very quickly

This software lets you create laser-focused reports and get only the information you need on a chart.

You’ll also be able to run reports and sell them as low-cost products from your website.

We are really excited to offer ‘done for you’ free and paid-for reports using our powerful Quantum Human Design language.

All you need to do is add your information and contact details, and you’re good to go with beautiful, value-added reports for your potential clients.

In addition, your clients can access their chart with a link. No more downloading the chart to save it.

The new software is simple, clean, elegant, and good for your business growth.

So whether you’re a Human Design professional or someone who loves to share human design with others, our new software is simple, elegant, and easy to use.

I can’t wait for you to use this new tool to help you share quantum Human Design to serve your clients better and grow your practice.