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Kathy Bochonko

My BodyGraph Chart Success Story

I remember the first time I was scrolling a Human Design Facebook Group and I saw a person sharing a chart they had ran on my website. It was my free relationship chart. And someone asked where they ran it. It was a very new experience for me- yo have my tool being used by people I don’t know and talked about. I see people running charts on my site and I do not know most of the names so people are finding me and using this tool while I focus on other things.

What I love about BodyGraph Chart

I am a very visual person, I love how customizable it is. I can really make it reflect my Brand.

Why I recommend BodyGraph Chart

The service at BCG is amazing. The team is clearly committed to helping each of us. If you are a human design professional it is essential to be able to have people generate charts and the last thing you want to do is send them to someone else’s website to do so. Keeping them on My site allows me to gather emails and then use a series of emails to educate them about their design and how they can work with me.

  • 1.

    How has your business changed since you started using BodyGraph Chart?

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    What were the reasons for you to start your Human Design business?


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