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Kyoko Osato

My BodyGraph Chart Success Story

Human Design is still not very well known in Japan. That’s why I want to introduce it to the Japanese market right away and everyone to know. That’s when I came across BodyGraph Chart. As a Manifesting Generator, it’s the perfect tool for me, allowing me to simultaneously manifest various ideas for my business through multi-tasking. Since translation work takes time, I thought it would take a year to prepare. But by combining AI and BodyGraph Chart, I may be able to accelerate the launch of my business.

What I love about BodyGraph Chart

The good thing about BodyGraph Chart is that I can start a business with just one package. Whether it’s an online business or a face-to-face business. With this, I can handle any situation.

Why I recommend BodyGraph Chart

Because: Yes.

  • 1.

    What were the reasons for you to start your Human Design business?

  • 2.

    What were your biggest challenges as a business starter?

  • 3.

    What helped you to tackle your challenges?


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