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Nicoline Huizinga

My BodyGraph Chart Success Story

It was hard to choose what I wanted to offer as a freebie, so I spent a lot of time adjusting the children’s ‘super talent’ report, the ‘improve your health’ report, creating a free mini report – and in the end, I chose the free mini report and people love it. I really played around with the English and the Dutch versions of the freebies and I had so much fun creating!

What I love about BodyGraph Chart

The software itself is easy to use, it’s aesthetically beautiful and it’s fast. Apart from that, I love the support from the team, the onboarding and the continuous drive to improve the software and the encouragement to use the software to the max! The masterclasses, the collaborations with Human Design experts and the step by step breakdowns of processes and strategies are incredibly valuable!

Why I recommend BodyGraph Chart

I’m SO incredibly happy that I found BodyGraph Chart – and that you keep on improving the software all the time, and for inspiring us to use it to the max! Great value for money – and I would recommend it!

  • 1.

    What were the reasons for you to start your Human Design business?

    Because I love human design and want to share it with many people.

    Say it in your own words.

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    How long have you had a Human Design business?

  • 3.

    How has your business changed since you started using BGC?


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