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Veronica Mezzetti

What I love about BodyGraph Chart

I love that it has allowed me to brand my charts and be able to provide charts directly on my website instead of having to send people to other websites. I love how it has allowed me to automate report creation and helped segregate my email list based on different human design aspects, which is beneficial when marketing different products and services.

Why I recommend BodyGraph Chart

It is a great tool for Human Design readers to both save a LOT of time and increase conversions.

  • 1.

    How long have you had a Human Design business?

    1-2 years

  • 2.

    What were the reasons for you to start your Human Design business?

  • 3.

    How has your business changed with BodyGraph Chart?


Integrate the Bodygraph Chart in to your website. Build and sell automated Reading Reports and much more.