4 Steps to Passive Income so that you can Make Money in your Human Design Business while you Sleep

Unlock the secrets to earning passive income in your Human Design Business with just 4 easy steps. Make money effortlessly, even while you sleep!

Vickie Dickson

Human Design Business Consultant

It’s 8am on Monday morning.
Somehow, you’ve managed to avoid your inbox all weekend long.
But there’s no avoiding it now.

As you open your laptop to sign in, your shoulders tense as you prepare to face the junk proposals, the bills, and the endless emails from people trying to sell you something.

To your surprise, you see several messages from Stripe, (your payment system) and think that something must have gone terribly wrong while you were away from your computer.

As you begin to open the emails though, you see that they are for real payments!!!!

You made money while you goofed off – all weekend long.

You can’t help but remember when you first signed on with Bodygraph Chart 6 months ago. Those first few payments stung a bit but you held onto the vision that this day – TODAY – was possible. You were determined to master the art of passive income. And you have.

After a quick run to the cupboard for a handful of celebratory M & M’s you sit back down at your computer and send a quick email off to your coach, so that she can celebrate with you.


The crazy thing is, it only took getting 4 things in place to make this particular dream a reality.

1 – Integrating the Bodygraph Chart onto your website

In fact, when you first started, your website wasn’t even ready so you used their template to create a one pager that would collect leads for you. And it did!!

As your email list grew, you started to nurture your fans with Human Design content – nothing fancy – just real life stuff that was coming up for you as you lived your life and used your own design.

They loved you!

Once you’d consistently showed up here for a few weeks, you decided it was time to take the next step in your business so you…

2 – Started to use the Bodygraph Chart reports

At first you leaned heavily on the done for you reports because you weren’t fully confident in your ability to master the tech side of things AND to write reports clearly.

So, you decided not to reinvent the wheel and to just use the tools that you already had access to. You were paying the same price whether you used them or not, right? Might as well get your money’s worth.

After a month or so, you got brave and decided to try your hand at using one of the templates to customize your own report. You put the whopping price tag of $49 on it and nearly had a stroke when you saw it staring back at you from the screen.

$49. For a report.

You felt like there was no way it could work. Who on earth would buy this from you when they could get so much Human Design information online for free?

But… you stuck with the plan.

Confidently, you followed the Bodygraph tutorials and …

3 – Connected your payment system

It was so easy!! It took less than 15 minutes to get it set up and then you were in business!!!

Of course, it took a little while for the money to start rolling in.
You knew you needed to…

</2>4 – Talk up the reports on social media and drop value on your audience like a boss!

It took courage you didn’t know you had to start to share your offers, but you did it.

There were days the imposter syndrome came for you hard and when it did, you remembered all of the other Human Design readers who are using Bodygraph Chart and making money every day.

And you just kept going. You shared those reports in your stories so often you were sure people would be sick of you but of course, they weren’t. Nobody sees everything you post so you challenged yourself to stick to the commitment you’d made to grow your audience leaning on the Bodygraph Chart tools.

And here you are.
It’s 10am on Monday.
You’ve been celebrating yourself and counting your money for an hour.

Well done.

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Vickie Dickson

It’s me, Vickie.
I'm on a mission to stop the endless 'shoulding on yourself' so that you build the life, relationships, and business you're made for.
As a 30 year veteran of the entrepreneurial space, I’ve successfully owned just about every type of business there is. As a Manifesting Generator, I’ve taken them all the way to the top and then moved on to the next thing that I’m passionate about.
There’s a special place in my heart for entrepreneurial newbies and people who make building a business more complicated than it is which keeps them stuck, spinning their wheels.
I’m living the dream here at Bodygraph Chart helping Human Design practitioners build the business of their dreams without breaking their brain or their life!
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