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Amy Lea

Amy is a renowned astrologer and Human Design guide, celebrated for her expertise as an embodiment practitioner, coach, mentor, speaker, writer, and creative. She specializes in helping business owners, creatives, and leaders unlock their true potential and align with their most enriching paths.

Her unique approach combines astrological insights with Human Design principles, offering a transformative experience that fosters both personal and professional growth. Amy’s role as an embodiment practitioner ensures a holistic journey for her clients, emphasizing not just achievement but also deep personal fulfillment.

Known for her clear and impactful communication, Amy’s ability to translate complex concepts into actionable strategies makes her a valuable mentor and coach. Her work empowers individuals to navigate their paths with authenticity and confidence, resulting in a profound impact on their lives and careers.

Amy Commitment:

  • Leadership Development: Guiding business leaders in aligning their management style with their innate Human Design, enhancing their leadership effectiveness.
  • Entrepreneurial Strategy: Assisting entrepreneurs in crafting strategies that are in harmony with their astrological and human design profiles, leading to more authentic and sustainable business practices.
  • Team Dynamics Improvement: Using Human Design insights to improve team dynamics, communication, and collaboration within business settings.
  • Education: Helping professional readers, coaches and service providers learn, integrate and apply the systems of Human Design and Astrology and create work that feels enriching and meaningful for them.
  • Personal Branding Guidance: Helping business professionals develop a personal brand that resonates with their true self, leveraging astrology and human design for authenticity.
  • Work-Life Balance: Guiding clients towards achieving a healthier work-life balance by understanding their personal energetic needs and capacities.
  • Networking and Relationships: Enhancing networking skills and professional relationships through a better understanding of one's own interpersonal dynamics and those of others.


  • Certifications: Amy holds certifications in coaching, embodiment, and energy science, reflecting her deep commitment to understanding and nurturing human potential.
  • Educational Background: Her educational journey encompasses a diverse range of fields including business, fashion, and human resources, providing her with a broad perspective on personal and professional development.
  • Professional Experience: Amy has an extensive career history working alongside CEOs, Directors, and business owners, equipping her with unique insights into leadership and organizational dynamics.
  • Astrology and Human Design Training: She has completed thousands of hours of rigorous training in astrology and human design and remains dedicated to continuous learning in these areas.


Upcoming webinar

May 30, 2024 9:00 am GMT+0


Harnessing your Mercury placement for aligned Content and Marketing

Join us for an exciting webinar where we explore how Human Design and Astrology can improve your content and marketing strategies. In this session you will learn how your Mercury placement affects the way you communicate and think. We’ll show you how to use this insight to make your messages more powerful and engaging.

Watch recordings

  • Amy’s Guide: Personalized Human Design Readings for Your Clients

    Join Amy, your expert host and guide, in this hands-on webinar as she shares invaluable tips and techniques for mastering personalized Human Design readings. Gain the confidence to offer your clients tailored insights and watch your practice thrive. In this session, Amy will walk you through the art of conducting 1:1 Human Design sessions, providing you with practical knowledge and the client-centric approach needed for success. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from Amy and take your Human Design practice to the next level.

  • Turning Passion into Profit: Amy Lea’s Human Design Business Success

    Join Amy Lea, a renowned Human Design entrepreneur, in this engaging webinar. Discover her journey from concept to success, uncovering the key strategies and insights that helped her build a thriving business in the dynamic field of Human Design. Ideal for aspiring entrepreneurs and enthusiasts, this session promises practical advice, real-world examples, and a Q&A segment. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from a leader in the industry!