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Karen Curry Parker

Dr. Karen Curry Parker is a pioneering Human Design educator and the Founder of Quantum Human Design™. With a rich background spanning over three decades as a Human Design teacher, TEDx speaker, and bestselling author, Karen is dedicated to unlocking individuals’ potential through the innovative approach of Quantum Human Design. With her unique blend of scientific acumen and spiritual wisdom, Karen has dedicated her life to helping others rewrite their stories and realign with their true worth.

Karen is the author of numerous books on personal transformation, spirituality, and Human Design. Through speaking, coaching, training, and podcasting on these and other topics for almost 30 years, she has impacted countless thousands worldwide.

Karen’s core mission is to help people reconnect with their natural creativity, manifest their desires effectively, and consciously use the frequency of language and narrative to create a life that best serves themselves and adds more love and joy to the world.

Karen is an eloquent and engaging public speaker, well-versed in many leading-edge subjects regarding humanity’s development and future. She holds a PhD in Integrative Health and is working on a new book. Her work has been featured on Bloomberg Businessweek, CBS, and ABC, as well as on various radio shows and telesummits.

A 4/6 Time Bender (Manifesting Generator), Karen balances her professional achievements with her personal life as a mother of eight and a grandmother. Her work in Quantum Human Design™ is a cornerstone of her mission to guide people toward living their authentic life paths.


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