Airtable connection

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Data storage apps

Airtable connection

Create an Airtable account.

Setup Connection Settings

  1. Open Bodygraph chart account and go to My Apps -> Data storage -> Create new -> Select Airtable. 
  2. On the different tab access your Airtable dashboard and click ‘Create a base’. 
  3. Click on the ‘Untitled base’ in the top left corner and rename the base so it would be easy to find the connection (e.g. Bodygraph Chart). 
  4. Click on your avatar picture in the top right corner and select ‘Developer Hub’ 
  5. Click ‘Create new token’ -> add the name and the following scopes: 
  • data. records: read 
  • data. records: write 
  • schema. bases: read 
  • schema. bases: write. 

    6. Click ‘Add base’ and select Bodygraph Chart (or the name you created earlier for the base) 

    7. Click create token. Then copy your token and paste it to your Bodygraph Chart account. 

    8. Click ‘Save’ and ‘Test connection’. 

    9. Select base and give a name for your table. 

   10.Choose the custom fields that you want to import to Airtable and click ‘Save’. 

   11. Click ‘Send test data’. Now you can go to Airtable and check your table with all entries. 

Note: do not forger to enable Airtable app inside your embed code: Integrate chart -> Select the embed code that you are using on your website -> Open My apps -> enable your apps.

Here is a step by step video guide:

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