Can I create custom tags?

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Newsletter app integration

Can I create custom tags?

Some newsletter integrations allow you to attach custom tags to subscribers, enabling you to send targeted emails based on these tags. This feature is pivotal for creating personalized and effective email campaigns.

What Are Email Tags?

Email tags are labels that help creators organize subscribers into specific groups based on chosen criteria. For instance, custom tags can group subscribers based on the human design types,  profiles, inner authorities, etc.

Using email tag management in your campaigns and newsletters is essential for personalizing content to meet each subscriber’s unique needs, driving growth through your email channel.

Utilize tags for your email automations

When setting up email automation or sequences, you can leverage tags to specifically target customers based on their Human Design properties. For instance, you can configure automation so that only subscribers tagged as “Generator” receive certain emails. This allows for highly personalized communication. For example, an email could say, “Hello [Name], did you know that your energy type is Generator? Want to learn more? Visit our website to purchase a detailed report [link to the website].” This approach ensures your emails are relevant and engaging, encouraging subscribers to take further action.

Bodygraph Chart App Integrations and Tags

The Bodygraph Chart app integrations (not all integrations have this feature) come with a predefined set of tags based on human design properties. It is important to note that there is no option to personalize these tags. The fixed tags are sent over to your newsletter app as is, without customization.


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