Can I get notification when report is sold or chart generated?

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Can I get notification when report is sold or chart generated?

In today’s fast-paced digital world, staying updated on important activities and transactions is crucial for many businesses and individuals. For those utilizing Bodygraph Chart, a popular tool for generating personalized human design charts, the question often arises: Can I receive notifications when a report is sold or when a chart is generated?

As of now, Bodygraph Chart does not have a built-in notification system to alert users when a chart is generated or a report is sold. This can be a limitation for users who rely on timely updates to manage their sales, customer interactions, and overall workflow effectively.

Fortunately there are alternative methods to keep track of important activities.

  • Newsletter Platform Notifications:

    If you use a newsletter or email marketing platform and it is connected to Bodygraph Chart (collecting emails), you can set notifications on this platform: if it has app then push notifications, if not then email or message  notifications. Most of these platforms have notification systems in place

  • Payment Confirmation Alerts:

    Apps like PayPal, Stripe, or Thrive offer instant notifications for completed transactions. You can set these apps to alert you via email, SMS, or push notifications whenever a payment is made.

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