Google Sheets connection (via Zapier)

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Google Sheets connection (via Zapier)

Before you start Google sheets set up, go and create Zapier account (login if you already have one).

Set up connection

  1. Create Google Sheets spreadsheet.
  2. Open on the other tab Zapier dashboard and press Create Zap at the top left corner.
  3. At the App events search field start type in Bodygraph and then select BodyGraph (1.0.0) event.
  4. Into Event field type in Chart created and press Continue button.
  5. At the Choose account drop down menu select BodyGraph (1.0.0) and press continue.
  6. Press Test Trigger.
  7. Chart A will be found, press Continue.
  8. Select Google Sheets from App events list that will appear.
  9. At the Event field type in Create Spreadsheet Raw and press continue.
  10. At the Spreadsheet field, search exact name of your Google Sheets spreadsheet that you created previously.
  11. At the Worksheet field select Chart Submissions.
  12. Fill in Name, Birth Date, Birth Place, Type, Profile, Inner Authority as demonstrated below and press Continue:
  13. Press Test & Review button, let it run and once completed press Publish Zap. Pop up window will open, select Publish &Turn on.
  14. Now go to either embed code Preview mode or your website and generate test chart. Come back to Spreadsheet and check what data was collected.

You can also check a quick video tutorial here:


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