How to add links to My Content?

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How to add links to My Content?

You can convert property labels into clickable links on the chart result page, enhancing user engagement and promoting related services or products. For instance, you could link to home scents tailored to specific Human Design properties (e.g., calming scents for not self anger, frustration, etc.). Or you can redirect customers to your scheduling calendar for 1:1 sessions. This innovative feature allows you to offer targeted products, thereby adding value to your chart results and potentially increasing sales.

If you want convert property labels to clickable links, follow these steps:

1.Go to the My Content tool.
2.Select the language assigned to your website’s embed code.
3.Click on the property whose labels you want to link.
4.Click the pencil icon next to each property outcome and add URLs to the Custom Link field (ensure the URL is full and starts with https://).
5.Click Save.
6.Visit your website to test the changes.

Note: this feature works on embedded charts only, it does not work on BGC Business Website.

Visual guide (no sound):

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