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How to connect my Newsletter

How to connect Flodesk?

Please follow the steps below to connect Bodygraph Chart with Flodesk.

Step1 – please open “My Apps”
Step2 – click “Create new”


Step3 – please select newsletter provider from the list “Flodesk”
Step4 – click the button below “Next”

Step5 – please enter name “Flodesk” and click “Save”

Step6 – click the button “Connect”

You will be redirected to Flodesk page.
Step7 – enter your Flodesk login details and click “Sign In”

Step8 – Click “Allow”


Now you are connected with Flodesk. Congratulations!
Step9 – Select your List from the dropdown menu

Step10 – You can select Custom Fields that you want to create on Flodesk (optional)
and click the button below “Save”

Now let’s enable Flodesk for your Embed Code so we can send emails to Flodesk.
Step11 – Open “Integrate Chart”
Step12 – Open your Embed Code

Step13 – Open “My Apps” accordion
Step14 – Please enable “Display email field”
Step15 – Enable Flodesk
Step16 – “Save Changes”

All done. Please open your chart and test. If you have any questions, please contact as at [email protected]