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How to create Stripe discount code?

To create Stripe discount code please follow the steps listed below:

1.Login to your Stripe account.
2.Select ‘Product Catalog’ from the menu on the left. Then select Coupons tab on the top.
3.Press ‘+New’ btton at the top right corner.
4. Add values and settings as demonstrated below:

5.Press Create coupon.
6.Now open the coupon that you just created by pressing on it and click Add promotion code:

7. Enter the same coupon value, select preferred settings and click Add promotion code:

8.Now coupon is live an you can test it.

Note: It does not work if coupon is set at 100%. It has to be at least at 99.99% for it to trigger the webhook and for reports to be uploaded/emailed (if email set up).

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