WIX integration

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Chart integration to Website

WIX integration

Create a WIX account.

Embed Chart to WIX

1. Login to your Bodygraph Chart account, go to the Integrate Chart section and open Default embed code (WIX only works with default embed code)

2. On the right side click Install App button:

3. It will redirect you to your WIX dashboard where you have to click on Add to site button:

4. Choose the site to which you wish to add the chart:

5. Wait few seconds and then click on Agree&Add button (if it leads you to Add to Site screen, click on it once more and then refresh your WIX dashboard):

6. Go to your WIX editor dashboard and you should see that red indicator notifies you about newly installed app (if not, refresh the page), click on the Add Apps section:

7.Once it is opened press on the very bottom Manage apps button, look for Human Design Chart app and press Complete Setup next to it:

8. You successfully installed the app. Click Publish on the top right corner and now you can go to your website an test it out:

You can also check a quick video tutorial here:

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