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Integrate Chart into Website

How to embed Chart into Weebly


Create a Weebly account.

Embed code to the website

1. Login to the Weebly account. Press ‘Edit Site’ button.

2. Drag and drop ‘Section’ button to the location where you want the chart to be located on your website.
3. Drag and drop embed code element to the section that you just added.

4. Click on the element that you just added and then select ‘Edit custom HTML’.
5. On the new tab open Bodygraph Chart and login to your account. Then select ‘Integrate Chart’ from the menu and click on the embed code that you want to use on your website.

6. Copy the embed code and come back to the previous page where you left Custom HTML field open.


7. Paste the embed code into the field and press ‘Publish’ button located at the top right corner.

8. Once it is published, go to your website and submit the form to see if it generates the chart.

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Also, you can check a quick video tutorial here: