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Integrate Chart into Website

How to embed Chart into WordPress


Create a WordPress account.

Embed code to the website

NOTE: This guide is on classic WP  editor. If you are using themes such as Elementor, Divi, Astra and others, the embedding will be different. Usually it will require you to copy and paste embed code to the element such as Code, Embed code, HTML fields (please check your themes guide on embedding).

1. Login to your WordPress dashboard and press ‘Pages’ from the taskbar on the left. Then press ‘Add new page’ button.

2. Edit the website title and select text field as shown below:

3. On the new tab open Bodygraph Chart and login to your account. Then select ‘Integrate Chart’ from the menu and click on the embed code that you want to use on your website.

4. Copy the embed code and head back to the previous tab where you left Text field open. Paste embed code to the Text field and then press ‘Preview’ button to test it.

5. Submit the form and see if it generates the chart.

6. If you are happy with results go back to the editor and press ‘Publish’ button. Now the webpage is live.


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Also, you can check a quick video tutorial here: