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Embed Code Settings

How to open Bodygraph chart results on new page?

To make chart results open on the new page, rather then within the same webpage, please follow the steps below:

1. Create two webpages at your website. Both websites must have the same embed code embedded. Just the second one will be hidden (not publicly accessible from your main website).

2. Open the Integrate Chart tool and select the embed code that you use on your website. Then open the More Options section:


3. Enable “Open Chart Result in Different Page”.
4. Paste the full page URL where the Human Design Chart should be displayed (the second webpage that you created for the results).


3. Click ‘Save changes’ and go test it at your website.

NOTE: This method is not compatible with WIX app.
NOTE: The second webpage that you will create for the results to be displayed can not be restricted (password, redirection, etc.).

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