How to set up payment method on business website?

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How to set up payment method on business website?

To set up payment method at business website please follow the steps listed below (we demonstrate Stripe as example):

1. Login to your Bodygraph Cart account.
2. Select My Business Website on the left sidebar.
3. Press ‘Dashboard’ button to open backend of the business website.
4. Select ‘Plugins’ from the left sidebar and then ‘Add New Plugin’.
5. At the search field type in Stripe and press ‘Install’ at ‘WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway’ plugin.
6. Select ‘WooCommerce’ from the left sidebar and then ‘Settings’.
7. Choose ‘Payments’ tab on the top.
8. Select and click on ‘Stripe’ and press ‘Enter account keys advanced’.
9. Open your Stripe account on the different tab and open Developers dashboard on the top right corner. Make sure that your Stipe is on live mode for actual payments to work.
10. Select ‘API Keys’ tab.
11. Copy and paste ‘Publishable key’ and ‘Secret key’ to the previous tab you left Stripe settings opened.
12. Copy ‘Webhook endpoint’ link, go back to Stripe developers dashboard and open Webhooks tab, click ‘Add endpoint’, paste the URL.
13. Click ‘Select events’, then ‘Select all events’, scroll down and press ‘Add events’.
14. Scroll down again and press ‘Add endpoint’.
15. Press ‘Reveal Signing Secret’ and copy it.
16. Come back to business website tab and paste it into ‘ Webhook Secret’ field.
17 .Click ‘Save keys’.
18. Now you can go and test report purchase at your business website.

NOTE: this is just stripe example but you can connect many payment methods in similar way including PayPal and others.

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