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My chart generator stopped working at my website

If the embedded chart or report sales suddenly stop working on your website, the initial step is to check whether your Bodygraph Chart subscription is still active. There could be various reasons for a subscription to be suddenly canceled, but the most common issue is a failed payment. Therefore, login to your Bodygraph Chart account and check if invoices are paid.

If you notice a red notification message in your account, it indicates that there are issues with the subscription payment method:

To fix it, go to your profile settings by pressing the profile icon at the bottom of the menu:

Then select ‘Payment methods’:

And finally, edit you current payment methods or select ‘Add payment method’ to provide new card details that has enough funds to cover the subscription price:

If the issue with the chart on your website persists despite payment, it could indicate that the payment did not reactivate your account. In such cases, sending an email to [email protected] requesting reactivation may be necessary.