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Newsletter app integration

My Newsletter app is not available

If you’re unable to find your preferred newsletter app directly integrated with Bodygraph Chart, don’t worry—there still can be alternative options available. Many platforms can be connect using third-party services like Zapier and
Newsletter app, Zapier and

Utilizing Zapier

Zapier serves as a versatile bridge between different apps and platforms. With Bodygraph Chart’s Zapier integration, you can easily set up automated workflows to connect your newsletter app/platform. This flexibility allows you to streamline data flow and maximize efficiency in managing subscriber information.

Zapier is used most by our customers to connect platforms such as: Kajabi, Google Sheets, Lead Connector.

Connecting via

For platforms compatible with, you have the option to use webhooks to establish connections. This method ensures seamless data transmission and integration capabilities, enhancing your ability to leverage subscriber data effectively. The good news is that, unlike Zapier, you only need a free account to establish the connection and start collecting data with You will only need to upgrade to paid services if you exceed certain subscriber limits. is used most by our customers to connect platforms such as: Beehiv. Go High Level, Smaily, Hub Spot, Google Sheets.

Ultimately, the choice of platform is yours. However, if your platform is compatible with both, is likely to be more cost-effective, and its connections have proven to be more reliable and seamless.

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