My newsletter/data storage app does not collect data from my website

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My newsletter/data storage app does not collect data from my website

If you’ve established a connection with your newsletter/data storage app in the “My Apps” section, yet it fails to collect data from your website, there could be several underlying reasons for this issue:

1. Incorrect app setup. It’s essential to carefully follow all required steps to establish the app connection and send test data. If the test data fails to be sent or cannot be sent at all, it indicates that an error was likely made during the app setup process.

2. App is inactive. To effectively collect customer email addresses/subscribers through your Newsletter/Data storage app, it is imperative to ensure that the app is enabled on the embed code within the “Integrate chart” section under the “My apps” category. This configuration ensures that the app is properly integrated and capable of capturing the desired data from chart submissions.

3. Wrong embed code. When utilizing multiple embed codes within the “Integrate chart” feature, it’s essential to ensure that the app is enabled specifically on the embed code integrated into your website.

4. Email field disabled. For newsletter/data storage app to faction properly, it is important that email field is enabled.

5. Email field is optional. Enabling the option to make the email field optional allows customers to run charts without providing their email address. Additionally, if the feature to remember the customer for 14 days is activated, the email field will be hidden if the customer returns to the website within that timeframe. As a result, disparities may occur between the number of charts generated and the count of emails/subscribers collected.

6. Existing subscriber. When conducting a test on your website using an email address that already exists on your subscribers’ list, it will not create a new subscriber entry but will instead overwrite the existing customer data. Therefore, it’s essential to run tests using an email address that has not been used before, or alternatively, delete the subscriber entry from your newsletter/data storage app and then perform the test using the same email address.

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