Stripe connection

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Payment apps

Stripe connection

To connect Stripe app please follow the steps listed below:

1.Login to your Bodygraph Chart account.
2.Click on My Apps at the left menu bar.
3.Select Payment Apps at the top and click ‘Create new’ button.
4. Select Stripe and click next.
5. Enter the name that will help you identify the payment method.
6. If you want to run the purchase test ten you can enable the test mode by ticking ‘Test Mode’ checkbox.
7. Open new tab at your browser and login to your Stripe account.
8. Select Developers dashboard at the top right corner.
9. Select API Keys tab at the top.
10. Now if you run the test mode then toggle at the top right corner must be at the Sandbox (test mode). If you connecting live payments you need to toggle it on to the Live mode.
11. Copy Secret Key and paste it at previous tab where you left app set up open.
12. Click Save.
13. Copy Webhook URL and go back to Stripe account tab.
14. Open Webhooks tab at the top.
15. Click Add an endpoint button.
16. Paste the Webhook URL and click on Select events.
17. Click on Select all events, scroll down and press Add endpoint.
18. Now you can set reports payment method and start testing purchase.

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