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Why customer did not receive a report from the business website after successful payment?

There could be various reasons why a customer did not receive the email with the report:

1.Incorrect Payment Setup: If the payment method is set up incorrectly, payments may not go through. It’s advisable to test the process by making a purchase yourself once the reports and payment methods are set up, to ensure everything works smoothly.

2.Auto-Complete Order Option: If the payment goes through but the customer still doesn’t receive the email, it’s possible that the auto-complete order option at ‘Settings’ and then ‘Bodygraph Chart’ was not enabled. This feature needs to be activated to ensure orders are completed and emails are sent out automatically:

Otherwise you will have to go to ‘WooCommerce’ and then ‘Orders’ to change orders status manually to completed and customer will receive email.

3. Spam folder: Inform customer to check spam folder.

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