WooCommerce connection

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Payment apps

WooCommerce connection

Connect to your WordPress website dashboard.

WooCommerce app connection

To connect WooCommerce app please follow the steps listed below:

  1. First, install Bodygraph Chart Reports for Woocommerce and WooCommerce plugins.
  2. Then at Pages section create new page or select the page where you want chart generator to be embedded: How to Integrate into WordPress.
  3. Go to your Bodygraph Chart (BGC) account My Apps section, click Create new, select payment apps and choose WooCommerce app and click Next.
  4. Name your app (for you to identify the app when assigning it to the report). We recommend include product name as each product will require separate Woo app connection.
  5. Go Back to the page that you just created with embed code and copy its URL. Go back to BGC account where you left Woo set up open and paste URL into Bodygraph Chart Birth Submission Form URL field.
  6. Go back to your WordPress and go to the Products section. Click Create new at the top, give a title for the product (you can add description and images later) and click Publish on the right side.
  7. Copy this product URL and go back to BGC account Woo set up window and paste this URL into WooCommerce product URL field. Click Save.
  8. Now go to the Reading Reports section, click 3 little dots next to the report that you want to link with the product on the shop and select Setup Payment.
  9. Select the Woo app connection that you just created, give report a price and select the currency. Click Save.
  10. Go back to your WorPress dashboard, the Products page. Open product that you previously created.
  11. At the bottom, under the Product data dropdown, select “Bodygraph Chart Reports.” In General settings, input the exact same price as on the BGC account. Then, go to Bodygraph Chart Report settings and select the report assigned to WooCommerce payment from the dropdown menu. Also, if you want to enable customers to be redirected directly to checkout, tick the “Enable Auto Checkout” box. Click Update button on the right.
  12. Now you can provide description and upload images.
  13. Go to BGC account. Integrate chart and open the embed code that you embedded earlier to your website. Enable the report that you just set the payment for.
  14. Lastly it is the time to go to your website shop and test purchase your report. All done.

NOTE: Each report will require a separate WooCommerce app setup, because each app set up holds a unique product URL.

Also you can watch video tutorial here:

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